Friday, December 09, 2005


Out with the old....
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I get attached to inanimate objects. I always have. When I was a little kid I was fairly inconsolable for a day or two after we gotrid of our washer and dryer. I remember it was a very 70's-chic pea green color. The dryer crapped out so my parents got new stuff and I was very, very upset. It's the darndest thing too. When I was 8 or so, my dog Spike got hit by a car and I think I was sadder about losing the washer and dryer. Maybe I'm a cyborg.

My point is, we JUST got a brand spanking NEW Mac G5!!!! Erica's parents bought it for us for Christmas too!! How totally COOL! Thanks M&M!

Erica and I were going to take out a Mac loan to get one because our old iMAC was getting wonky in it's old age. It's seen here in the picture. It's Ruby colored and I love that computer. It was my best friend when I was homesick. It was the first thing Erica and I bought together.

It started with me in Petaluma and was with me as I toiled over learning screenwriting. It went with us to L.A. for me to pursue my dream. It was my weapon of choice for 2 feature screenplays and 3 shorts. It's been a great computer and now, it's being put out to pasture. As you can see by what it's saying, it isn't happy.

This will be the last thing I write on this computer for a while. I'd like to get a real office some day and be reunited with my Ruby Red iMAC. Until that day comes.....Godspeed fair Macintosh. You've been a loyal compadre on many a drunken night. Sniff.

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