Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sellouts suck.

I'm a San Francisco Giants fan. A BIG one...both literally and figuratively. I know we haven't won a World Championship since what...1953? So what I'm about to say isn't about petty jealousy. It's about baseball...and the sanctity of the game.

I just heard that Johnny Damon has signed with the Yankees. All I can say to that is, may you suffer a career with no (more) World Series rings just like your money grubbing, celebrity seeking, buy a championship at all costs bitchwhore cohorts like asshole Alex Rodriguez and roid freak Jason Giambi. Normally I don't care what the Yankees do and I just let them ramble on..and on...and on. I also enjoy watching them spend huge money to NOT win the World Series. But here's what really gets me...

Players like Jason Giambi, John Kruk, Kirby Puckett, Ozzie Smith (although I hate him), Pedro Martinez and Johnny Damon (to name a very few) have genuine personalities that are vital to baseball. When you join the Yankees, you cover up your personallity. You have to cut your hair, grow no facial hair and show no tattoos. It's a team rule. Sound like joining the ranks of corporate America or worse, the military? Well it should. It's bullshit and it's detrimental to the game. You have to conform to wear the pinstripes. Ironic because the most popular Yankee ever BABE RUTH wouldn't put up with that BS.

When Giambi was on the A's, he had a personality. He had long greasy hair. A goatee to cover his f-ing hairlip. He lets the tats on his arms show. Now, as a Yankee, he might as well be working at Enterprise RentaCar with a white shirt and black tie. I'm no A's fan (but I do go to quite a few A's games...more than most A's fans I might add) but Jason Giambi wasn't "just a player," he was a personality. Now Johnny Damon, he of the long hair and beard. He of the Amy Poehler "Johnny Damon....how I love you...". He of fun, class, personality, stats...BASEBALL LORE will always be clean shaven. Short haired. Just another brick in the wall. What a fucking sellout asshole.

Like I said...more power to the Yankees for having the money to try to buy rings. Yay. And I'm never one to say "hey, don't take the money....stay where you fit." That's pro sports/TV/Movie/Life. But dammitt man...you let everyone think you were the real deal. Now you do this. F-You Johnny Damon. I hope you never, ever win shit while on the Yankees. Just like the other big personalisy (Giambi) who got sucked into the corporate money machine.

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