Thursday, December 29, 2005

In the year Two-Thoouuuusaaaand....and Ten

I see alot of movies...some good, mostly bad. And I'm not bragging or being a know-it-all. Trust me. Many of the films I see courtesy of Film Threat are real bad. So bad they make you almost afraid to see new and "undiscovered" films. It also makes a film lover downright cranky. There's just not alot of originality out there. If there's originality, there's bad camerawork. If originality and good camera work are there...the editing sucks....or (and in most cases) the writing sucks. It's tough to make a solid, indie feature...even though access to great equipment is remarkably easy to get.

I mentioned I had a beginning film class at a local Community College and it was bad. Well, the class was fine but the students were pretty much morons....especially the ones ages 18-21. An older guy and his girlfriend did a nice video and there was some other cool stuff...but only one person (besides me of course) really tried hard. And the guys I'm talking about made a 25 minute film! 20 minutes longer than what it was supposed to be. It was actually really cool too. Other than that, it was lame imitations of skate/bike/jackass videos. Yee fucking haw.

Anyway.....I just watched a demo reel from a co-worker's son who can't be much older than 13. His stuff is really, really, really....good. This kid has a solid understanding of editing. SOLID. I have no idea if he just has a really good teacher or just picks up on how films are put together...but he knows his shit. I suspect it's both and it's impressive. I've also helped teach groups of High School students video production and have consistently been impressed at their grasp of editing and camera work. These are 13-15 year olds I'm talking about. I mean, when I was that age I was sitting on my ass playing Atari all day. Now I see 3 videos from a 13 year old that were made in NOVEMBER.

I guess my point is....I see hope in the future of filmmaking. I'm not saying this kid is Orson Welles....but to see someone understand the medium so well makes me think a filmic revolution is forthcoming. And I say VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Party on, Wayne.


Joe Swanberg said...

It won't be long before Sundance debuts a film by a pre-teen. I say it will happen in the next 5 years. said...

Dude, I'll race you to the screenplay about that kid! Oh wait, it's Harmony Korine....