Monday, March 13, 2006

Ahoy Mateys!

Lets see...

After hitting SXSW like sailors on shore leave, I took it easy last night. I don't want to point any fingers, but I'm going to imply that Pete is a bad influence. Granted, influencing me to blow off a screening and drink beer isn't tough to do (and the screening ended up being about transgendered women in prison! Bullet: dodged!) I still blame him for it because it's easy and he's now gone.

Yesterday I saw a great movie called GRETCHEN. It's about this "invisible" nerdy girl who keeps falling for these real assholes. My review should be up at film threat soon. After that, I switched hotels. this new one rocks! It's like a studio and it's right by a bunch of clubs that have bands I want to see later in the week. After I checked in, I saw THE CASSIDY KIDS and it was AWESOME! I wrote about the experience on the film threat blog and since I'm on dial-up, linking it could prove tricky. Just go over there and look under blogs.

After THE CASSIDY KIDS, I was planning on attending the party for the film. But then my friend called and said they were at capacity so I said screw it. I went to Whole Foods and got some grub and called it a night. The Whole Foods here is INSANE. It's 3 stories and they just have tons of crap. It's like Costco only healthy.

Today I'm going to go see LOL because I really like the guys involved and I want to see it with a crowd. After that I'm going to haul ass over to the amazing Alamo Drafthouse to see THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE and get some dinner...while I watch the movie. Woo-hoo! Then there's some parties I hope to attend. I tried to upload some photos, but this damn dial-up sucks. I'll try again later...

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