Sunday, March 26, 2006

RIP Buck Owens

Aw man, Buck Owens died yesterday. I love Buck Owens the man and his music and I was bummed to hear of his passing. In 2002 I visited Buck Owens Crystal Palace in (where else?) Bakersfield, CA. I had always wanted to go there since I was always a Buck Owens fan and while in a radio production class, I decided to do a show on "A Night at the Crystal Palace." You can listen to it Here. It came out pretty good even if my goofy friend Mario sounds rather Muppet-esque.

We had a really great time doing the taping of the show. The Crystal Palace is like a museum made by Buck Owens for Buck Owens. At the time, it was a living tribute because Buck was there. Pictures everywhere, gold records...Memorabilia. The night we went, Buck came out and sang some songs then gave the stage over to country music ingenue, Jessica Andrews. and it was great. It was like seeing a live version of Hee Haw or something. The Crystal Palace is supercool...great food and a nice time out with the family. You should go and pay tribute to the man who created the Bakersfield sound. That is, if you ever find yourself on the streets of Bakersfield.

I'm still sad Buck Owens died but I know the Crystal Palace will live on. You can check it out here. Godspeed, Buck!

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