Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you,'re only a day awaaaaay!!

Bright and early (6:25 a.m.) I leave for Austin, Texas for South by Southwest!! I cannot wait! Normally I get nervous and weird before I head out for a long trip, but I'm giddy about going to Austin. The lineup of films is AWESOME and I can't wait to see "The Cassidy Kids," "V for Vendetta," "A Prarie Home Companion," "Heart of Gold" (with Neil Young in attendance!) and a bunch of other stuff. I tried to pick out stuff I really want to see and then I'll fill in the blanks per what Film Threat needs, eating, sleeping and drinking tons of beer.

The other good news is that I got that aforementioned hotel room right downtown and it's all mine Sunday the 12th-the 19th. When I was younger, I couldn't stand to be alone. As I got older eating alone or going to the movies alone was a frightening idea. Now, I love it. I'll be responsible only to myself for 7 whole days and while being responsible (or likely, irresponsible in my case) for only myself I'll be smack dab in the largest music conference in the U.S. and at my favorite film festival.

I'm also stoked to see Marah (and I vow to see them this time), Bob Schneider, Rhett Miller, The Drams and some other stuff I have highlighted. Other highlights include:

Getting to hang with Chris, Mark, Eric and PETE from Film Threat
Seeing my friends Dan Brown and Kelly Williams who live in Austin
Seeing Joe Swanberg and Kris Williams of "LOL" (the movie) fame
Ironworks BBQ
Lonestar Beer everywhere
The Alamo Drafthouse

*Sigh* Can't I just fly out now?

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