Sunday, March 19, 2006

Home again home again, jiggedy jig

Wow. Ouch. Wow. That's about all I can muster right now. I had an amazing time but damn am I tired. I basically spent 12 hours a day on cement either walking to a show or theater, standing in line and then watching a concert. Add to that copious amounts of cheap beer, one big meal a day, lazy morings that turn into afternoons in the darkness of a one person hotel room and, I had a BLAST! I think I have a sinus Here's some pics. Kinda crappy, off my camera phone, but I haven't unpacked the *real* camera yet.

How movies should be watched...with beer and popcorn. Minus that ladies head though

The world famous Antone's! Great show by Marah, lame crowd that stood and stared and wouldn't let me get any closer. So I just screamed lysics and "fuck yeah" into their ears until they moved.

Me at Zilker Park. Whaddya mean it doesn't look like a park? You're tripping! Acid flashback! Just kidding. This is a party I went to that was like, the coolest party EVER. It was free to get in (if you knew the password...which I did...sort of) and they had X-Box 360's set up all over. I kicked Mark's ass in boxing! They had old skool video games (caterpillar, ms. pac man, galaga) this big wall with motion detectors so you could play was neat.

Here's a view of Austin taken after I ate a huge salad at Hooters. It should be noted, I love the restraunt Hooters, but had never went to the one in Austin. I always imagined the "scenery" would be great but it was really disapointing. First off, there was like 5 families in there. Hooters isn't really family dining. It's for drunken, leering, dirty dudes, not 8 year old girls sitting next to daddy as he leers and checks his March madness brackets. Second, although Austin has a huge college, the waitresses were kinda gross. They were like, big hair Texas girls with too much makeup. However as I left, the night shift came in and it looked alot better. My salad was great and I also ordered 10 buffalo wings and the waitress brought me like 30 for the price of 10. Math isn't a pre-req at Hooters. Nothing like 20+ cold buffalo wings at 3 a.m.

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