Saturday, March 11, 2006

Day One...

Whew! After getting up at 2:45 and crossing 1/2 the country, I got to Austin, met Pete at the airport, went to the hotel and started drinking. Whee! The cool thing (among many) about SXSW is that there's no pressure like there is at Sundance. I geninely like Eric, Mark and Pete and it's nice to be able to just hang out. We had some beers in the lobby bar then I hung out in the room watching SAVING PRIVATE RYAN while Mark edited stuff for FT. Lemme tell ya, if you want to get geared up to go have fun, don't watch SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

After that (and after some yummy room service) we headed over to the opening night party. It was really cool to see people I haven't seen since last year. I also got to meet Judah Friedlander who is RAD. He played Toby in AMERICAN SPLENDOR. The guy was totally cool but I stupidly didn't get a picture with him. Maybe tonight if I see him. I did get some pictures and here they are:

That's this large bulding in Austin at sundown. My camera phone isn't great so I'll be sure to start bringing my regular camera out.

O.K....this is Kris Williams, the girlfriend of Joe Swanberg who did "LOL." She's super hillarious and super, super cool. She decided we should take a picture and this is the first one. She wasn't satisfied with it so she suggested we move to a brighter the middle of someones dart game. The people were nice and one of them took this photo:

Worst. Picture. Ever.

So now I'm off to Ironworks for some BBQ and I'll see at least one movie today...not sure what yet.

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