Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lousy Smarch Weather...

Last night I got my flight for SXSW. My mom was cool enough to give me sky miles, but now there's no turning back. Not that I would want to turn back, SXSW is about all I live for. Also last night, I remembered the new Rhett Miller (of the Old 97's) solo album came out and I totally spaced it so I had to get it today. Thus, my day was planned. Wake up, take the neighbors kids to school, come home and do the film threat news, go pick up all the camera equipment I borrowed from school to return tonight (I shot a short over the weekend, more on that later), get the Rhett Miller CD, go to work, leave a lil early so I can drive an hour and 45 mins to class...but resting assured because I'd have new driving music. Piece of cake.

The morning was fine but my 1991 Ford Taurus has bad brakes and the transmission has been slipping. But I took the kids and made it home no problem. Before doing the FT news, I checked my bank account: overdrawn $38.00. D'oh! A drag, but todays payday so not a total wash. So I do the news and head off to get the Rhett Miller CD.

I always buy records at Backdoor Disc but they changed owners recently and I've been less than thrilled with them. Sure enough, they didn't have the CD. Strike 2 against them. So I headed to Santa Rosa to the other Sonoma County indie record store, The Last Record Store. Hoyt who works there says "we had 5 copies, but they're all sold." Crap. Over to Best Buy.

In case you're wondering why I'm pursuing new CD's when I'm $38.00 in the hole the answer is simple. I'm an idiot. So off to Best Buy. After 20 minutes of looking, me and the clerk find a copy. Hoo-fricking-ray! As I head to the register with my Cingular rebate card ($35.00 on it) I see the NETWORK special edition is on sale for $19.00. Score! I grab it and head to the counter. Turns out the total is $34.00 and I really only had $33.00 on the card. Rather than say....put the DVD back, I figure..."hey, why not get a bunch of DVD's and put them on a credit card!?!?" Sooo smart! I'm trying to get out of debt, am $38.00 overdrawn and decide buying MORE than I can afford is the best choice.

At the new release rack, they had a sweet looking WALK THE LINE 2-disc set. Sold. I see there's a "media" box set featuring NETWORK, ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN and DOG DAY AFTERNOON for $48.00. That's a $20.00 savings because all three are new releases and all three are $20+. Sold. Add the Rhett Miller CD and I think the MIDNIGHT COWBOY special editions and I'm up to $120.00! Wheeee!! Me American, love to spendy! Hell, I'm not even sure I got MIDNIGHT COWBOY, but I can't remember. Way to think about what you're buying, dumbass! I jump back in my car to head over a big mountain that I have to go over every day to get to work.

As I said, my car has been iffy and today was no exception, but I figured she would last me until I got back from SXSW. However at the exact midpoint of the mountain, my transmission gave out. It's done. If the repair is more than $ car is done. So I somehow made it over the mountain and into work (all in first and part of second gear) where Erica took me to St. Helena with her so I could take her car. Now I have to get all the camera stuff out of the car and into her car, drive back through St. Helena to get to Marin. Ugh. And I have no car. But at least I have a bunch of new DVD's and a less credit than I started with.

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