Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The good, the bad and the stinky

Working backwards from my title...

Yesterday at work, I was in my itty-bitty "office." It's like....7 feet long and 4 feet across....pathetic. I'm typing something and this really cute little girl comes in, one of my favorite kids. She starts launching into this rant about how she needs to use my stapler and because 6 year old girls ranting is never not funny, I kept asking dumb questions to get her more pissed. Suddenly, mid-rant...a little "shwerrrrp" comes out of nowhere. She totally ripped one in my office! It STUNK too. Needless to say, I gave her the stapler and evacuated the area immediately.

Lesson: Don't mess with gassy 6 year old girls.

Last night for work I had to attend a Planning Commission Meeting. We're trying to get a new building built and the citizens are being bastards about it. So to show support, myself and some staff and a bunch of parents went. At these meetings, the commision and the people debate over whether or not certain projects are a "go" for the town and they deal with dividing property, who pays for what, etc. Well, there's this development group that wants to build three houses near a creek and all boring hell broke loose. This environmental guy did a whole independent study on the impact of the creek and this other old man (who I have a feeling attends EVERY city meeting) had some really neat drawings (not) on how these houses would affect the view. Long story long, these two jackasses took over an HOUR to get their point across. This was upsetting on 2 levels.

The first, because it was fucking boring. Downright excrutiating.

Second....I hate urban sprawl. I hate the way people simply must build on every spot of vacant land in Northern California. It's about greed, not proper housing. So, in my heart, I was proud of these people for fighting for their hometown and this really pretty creek that "might" be affected. But, on my ass and in my pounding headache, I was wishing they would start coughing and just stop. Not only that, but their complaints were all for naught because the project was a go.

Lesson: Never try to do anything.

And finally...
I leave Friday morning at like 5:30 for SUNDANCE!!! I'm excited because I'm going solely as a writer for Film Threat. I get to see my FT buddies Chris, Mark, Eric and Pete and it's going to be super fun. Stay tuned to this blog and to Film Threat because I'm bringing the camera and plan to do alot of blogging. Also, Film Threat is going all out and are doing video blogs, reviews, interviews and podcasts (I think). Should be a blast!

Lesson: Getting away can't ever come soon enough.

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