Wednesday, January 04, 2006

When the devil came, he was not red.....

I was sorting my laundry today like a good boy when something I've always known but never really thought about dawned on me. That is, I might have a Wilco problem. Those of you who know me personally and especially those who know me from the internets probably already knew this, but just like an alcoholic or an over eater or a druggie....everyone knows it before you know it yourself. How did I stumble into this self-relization via laundry sorting, you ask?

As I "folded" my various items, I realized I had just washed 5 seperate Wilco t-shirts in that load. A sort of sick feeling hit me and I wandered over to the dresser and peered in. There, after poking around for quite a bit due to my bass-ackward version of "folding," I saw 3 more Wilco t-shirts. This made me think and I put my hands in my brand new Wilco track jacket. I'm not kidding....I have that many WIlco shirts and TWO Wilco track jackets and I was wearing one at the time this story takes place. I also have about 10 bootleg live CD's, all their albums (6....or 8 if you count each CD in a double album seperately) plus the bands the 2 comps with Billy Bragg and the one with the Minus 5, 2 Jeff Tweedy solo CD bootlegs, 2 Wilco books, 2 Wilco DVD documentaries and about 6 Wilco concert posters. Jesus, I'm sick with this!

However, like any good addict unwilling to take the first step in healing, I simply didn't, and still don't, care. I finished burning a double bootleg CD for a friend then burned myself some new live Jeff Tweedy downloads to a CD and drove to work listening to it. Bartender....Wilco! Wilco for all my friends!!!

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