Friday, January 06, 2006

Welll...isn't that special

I live around the corner from a HUGE Catholic Church. Since I live in California, Catholic Churches mean droves of hispanic attendees. I say that only because from Friday night until Sunday night, our street is a madhouse. People parking all over, families walking to and from church, people selling ice cream, corn on the cob and other yummy's crazy. There's plenty of white folks too....I'm not discriminating or cursing hispanics. It's just that by and large, the hispanic community comes out for all the Church services...not just holidays like the whiteys do.

Anyway, it's a really beautiful Church and I especially dig the towers, pictured here. There's also amazing stained glass windows and a fountain that's closed this week because someone put soap in it. It probably needed a good cleaning anyway because one of my wife's friends peed in it a little while back. Her friend is a girl too! Sadly, no photos of that.

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