Monday, January 23, 2006

The longest 3 days ever

I've seen something like 9 films in three days and nothing that's really blown me away. Luckily I haven't seen anything as crappy as the first film I saw, but I'd sure like to see something that kicks ass. I have 3 screenings today as well so here's hoping something good crosses my field of vision.

I got to sleep in yesterday and today so that's cool....I was feeling pretty ragged. I'm not sure how I'm liking this whole press thing, to be honest. I LOVE FT and all these guys and it's fun being able to hang with them more while I'm here. But the last few years, as a volunteer, I would just go see whatever I wanted and if they needed a review, I'd do one. I also got to go out at night. I haven't even walked the madness of Main Street yet. Hopefully the reigns will loosen later in the week. We're all itching to party.

Today I'm going to a private party with Todd Snider! Should be awesome! It's at an art gallery on Main Street. I'm also going to try and take that time to get some decent photos rolling.

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