Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hey, you can't steal my words!

I was just ego surfing (in an attempt to avoid shooting a project I want to shoot for a's due Wednesday) and came across here. Apparently I mixed up the Catholic church with Christians in a review of the movie "Saved!" Oopsy. This op-ed piece doesn't really make alot of sense, but I kind of agree with what the author says about the film fitting into "the smug stereotypes about religion...especially the non- Buddhist ones." Well, I agree with the part about the stereotyping.

Anyway, I saw the piece and wondered if there was some Christian coalition out against me, but I think I'm safe. I also need to be more careful getting my facts straight on reviews. I've done that before (catholic/Christian, motown/be bop) type of thing before and it wreaks havoc on your credibility. Ten seconds of clarification isn't too much time to save yourself the embarrassment of sounding smart when you're really being dumb.

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